Psychology Therapy services at Brilliant Life Services

Psychology therapy, also known as ‘talk therapy, involves a unique form of treatment directed categorically towards emotional, mental, and other aspects of behavioural problems. In psychotherapy, a trained counsellor establishes a healthy rapport with the patient and polishes his personality through dialogue and special interactive exercises.

Psychology Therapy Services

Psychotherapy services usually involve testing somebody by engaging in bilateral dialogue with them. There are broadly five categories of psychological therapy services.

In this type of therapy, the counsellor tries to figure out the root cause of the negative pattern in which a person tries to perceive his life. Afterwards, the therapist directs his treatment towards altering that pattern for good. This is the most preferred method of counselling for depression. This form of therapy helps a person to understand the relationship between his thoughts and actions.

This method utilises the principles of psychoanalysis theory to enable a person to heal himself with a retrospective approach. It is essentially about tapping into one’s past experiences to get a better understanding of their subconscious mind.

This form of therapy is useful for helping a person get a better understanding of themselves and consequently make well-informed day-to-day choices. This is very useful for people who wish to adopt a more mindful and conscious approach to living their lives.

This is a slightly more intense form of therapy that involves a deeper study of the patient’s conscious and subconscious mind in order to get to the root of behavioural patterns.

Holistic therapy involves a dynamic approach to psychology and counselling. It focuses on helping a person make positive lifestyle changes to transform the negative or destructive thinking patterns in his life.

Why Mental Health is Important ?

Mental Health personifies our ability to perceive and synthesise the life around us. It holds the key to our brain. Many mental health problems stay implicit for a long time before they become evident enough to be broached by a therapist. It is crucial that we focus on our mental health and seek psychological therapy if we ever find ourselves willing to break free from a specific thought pattern that disturbs our everyday life or when we wish to seek support in coping with our emotional challenges.

Benefits of psychology therapy

● It gives you a safe and non-judgemental environment to explore your thoughts and emotions.
● It empowers your coping mechanism to deal with the situations in your life in a much better way.
● It enhances your understanding of the self.
● It makes you more empathetic towards others.
● It helps you to overcome social anxiety and remain calm in any kind of social setting.
● It enables you to have meaningful relationships.

Mental Health Treatment plans

A doctor articulates a mental health treatment plan after he assesses the mental health condition of a person and diagnoses a disorder. This treatment plan will enable you to achieve the goals set in synergy by you and your doctor in the most efficient manner. A mental health treatment plan also makes one eligible for certain rebates for approximately twenty personal appointments. You need to get your plan reviewed by your doctor after six appointments as per the government guidelines.

How can a therapist help you?

A therapist can form a therapeutic relationship with you and help you know yourself better. He can also :
● Help you realise that you are not alone in this journey.
● Guide you through a series of self-discoveries so that you can make progress in life.
● Help you break free from repeated patterns of nagging, blaming, and self-pity.
● Enable you to look at the silver lining in various situations.

Other psychological Therapies available at Brilliant Life Services

At Brilliant Life Services, we believe in giving the right care to the right people at the right time. We have the best therapists in Melbourne Australia who work with the patients to reinforce a positive behavioural change. We have various psychological therapies like


Brilliant Life Services is amongst the best psychology clinics in Australia. We have a team of specialists that works closely with an individual to assess his cognitive abilities.


We offer counselling services to people with disabilities, their families, and caregivers to adopt a positive approach to dealing with their circumstances.

Behaviour Support & Training

We use various principles of psychology and counseling to figure out an individual’s difficult behavioural pattern and work towards managing it in a more positive and balanced way.

In addition to that, we also offer speech therapy, early childhood intervention, anger management, behavioural support, occupational therapy, childhood early intervention, Support Coordination, facilitating social interaction, and various other services.


Psychological therapy is important for anyone who wishes to change their thought pattern for the better. This will allow them to manage the triggers that elicit an extreme reaction. Furthermore, psychological therapy is imperative for people with disabilities to explore their emotions safely and learn about ways to lead a more independent and joyful life.

The purpose of treatment therapy is to ensure that a person gets a safe, non-judgemental and unbiased environment to talk about his emotional and mental challenges in depth. This cathartic outflow of one’s emotions is the first step towards recognising and mending the negative behaviour patterns and thought processes.

Psychological therapy is a very effective method of changing one’s perspective to look at their life. There is no thumb rule for the number of days it will take for therapy to start yielding results for you. The process is subjective to each individual’s vulnerability and desire to change. With the help of psychotherapy treatment, one can definitely change their mindset for good and achieve holistic well-being.

Everyone stands to gain from therapy. Anyone who wants to get a fresh and unbiased perspective on things can make use of Psychology Therapy Services. Counselling and treatment are imperative to help a person find ways to deal with stressors in their life.