A secure environment where your child can interact, acquire knowledge, develop, and recover through enjoyable activities.

What is Play Therapy?

Child’s Natural Language

Play therapy provides a safe, nurturing environment for your child to explore their inner struggles and gain a sense of control over their life. through play, your child can express their feelings and work through difficult emotions in a fun, creative way.

The bond between your child and their play therapist is the cornerstone of their play therapy experience. When this connection is strong, your child will be comfortable enough to open up and start the healing process. Your child’s play therapist will accept them just as they are and provide them with unconditional love and support.



The play therapist of your child will reflect on your child’s behavior and emotions during play, establishing a bond without disrupting their play. Direct questioning or guiding of play is not done as your child is the one who drives the process.

Who may benefit from Play Therapy?

Children aged 3-12 years and their families

Children struggling with Behavioural, Emotional, Relationship and Social Issues

ADHD, ADD, Autism, behavioural difficulties at school, aggression

Anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, grief and loss, trauma, physical illness, eating disorders

Attachment, parenting difficulties, domestic violence, sibling rivalry

Poor social skills, difficulty engaging and connecting with peers, bullying