As parents, we all expect behavioural issues at some point with our kids. But for some, these behaviours can significantly affect daily life. To support these families, a mobile Behaviour Support Intervention Service has opened on the Sunshine Coast. Karolin from Brilliant Life Services tells us more.

What is behaviour support intervention?

Behaviour Support Practitioners assist people of all ages and their families to positively change any behaviour of concern. We work with the individual and those supporting them to promote positive behaviour change,” explained Karolin.

Effective behaviour support results in improvements in quality of life, acquisition of valued skills, and increased community and social inclusion.

What are behaviours of concern?

Behaviours of concern are those behaviours that may be a problem for a child or for others around them. For example, when someone does things that hurt themselves, others or things. Or when the behaviour stops them from doing things others do—such as going to the park, learning at school or spending time with friends.

Many children may behave in these ways occasionally,” said Karolin. “It is only a behaviour of concern when it is causing problems for the child and/or others.

Why do these behaviours occur?

All behaviours happen for a reason. It could be something to do with their body—such as they are in pain, they are not eating well, or they have a diagnosed medical issue. It could be the environment— it’s too noisy, too cold, they are bored, or there are too many people around. Or, it could be their way of communicating—they are hungry, thirsty, lonely, feeing upset, or their way of getting something desired. If any parent is struggling with a challenging behaviour, it’s always worth speaking to us to see if we can help.

Behaviours of concern

  • Hurting themselves
  • Hurting others
  • Breaking things
  • Refusing to do things
  • Doing the same thing repeatedly
  • Hiding away from people

As a NDIS registered provider, Brilliant Life Services now offer behavioural support services across the Greater Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns. It is a mobile service and can be accessed through an NDIS Plan. A referral form can be found on their website.
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