My name is Tamara ( Tammy ) received my degree in Speech and Language pathology from Universidad Mayor in Chile, where I also did her diploma in Children’s Neuropsychology and Master’s in Emotional Education and started her 12-year journey as Language and Communicational therapist. During the last few years, she moved to Sydney Australia, received training in feeding therapy, language acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP) and finished her Master’s in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Over the past 12 years she has lectured in different universities overseas, trained final year speech and language pathology students during their internship, worked with children, teens, teachers, and families with a neurodivergent member with conditions such as intellectual disabilities and developmental delays. With a special interest in the autistic spectrum, as an autistic herself, Tamara is passionate about helping and learning how to improve human life using strength-based practices emphasising people’s self-determination, autonomy, compassion, and human rights.