How to Know When It’s Time to See a Therapist?


Are you finding an escape from your problems? Are you overburdened with the harsh reality and finding it difficult to cope? You might have the feeling that time will heal all your troubles. Or you might have considered seeing a therapist but convinced yourself that you don’t need it.

Everyone goes through overwhelming emotions in their day-to-day life, but if it hangs on for too long, it is a cause for concern. We tend to ignore these issues by claiming that it is part and parcel of life. That is when knowing when to see a therapist sometimes becomes difficult. Most of us don’t know when to see a psychologist or a therapist; the two terms might be confusing. A psychologist can make a mental health diagnosis; on the other hand, a therapist focuses on the treatment.

Sometimes we freak out when we think about seeking therapy, and again the two most haunting questions arise! Should I go to therapy? Do I need a therapist? We all look for aid when we are physically injured, so why not seek help when mentally drained out?

Still not convinced? We are here to give you a list of your answers to when you should see a therapist. Here are 5-serious signs asking you to reach out. 

  • You are doing too much/too little. 

Whether it’s sleeping too much or not sleeping at all, overeating, or skipping meals outright. Exercising any activity too much can be detrimental as you are trying to break free from the truth. 

  •  You hardly enjoy anything.

Being indifferent to the activities you previously enjoyed and not getting excited about the upcoming things is a sign of disconnecting from the world.

  • You are banking on substance use.

Unregulated intake of alcohol or other addictions is dragging you down deep into the pothole. You might be enjoying this shelter of amusement. 

  • You have been through trauma.

Any personal loss or a type of abuse is scarring. It takes months and sometimes years to overcome such distressing moments. We even end up not sharing it with anyone. Getting a good listener and someone who will show you the right path is pivotal at such a stage.

  • You can feel your decreased productivity.

Be it at school or the workplace, are you not able to give your full potential? You feel submerged under an ocean of pessimistic emotions and can’t find a way out. Even though you try to, you find it challenging to do things the way you used to do them with ease. 

Processing loads of emotions at a time can be very back-breaking. And getting over them alone is the same as climbing a hundred thousand steps ladder. Imagine a therapist/ psychologist as the elevator that will bring you back on the righteous floor of your life. You only need to take the first step, press the elevator’s button, step on it and leave the rest to the therapist. Remember, weak are those who don’t seek help!